Paranoid Alter Ego

Somebody’s eaten lips in somebody’s

even hungrier mouth, maybe

too much of packed cherry or

weed in one… mistake.


What do you do when you find the same one? YOU LOVE YOURSELF?


The Hacienda: Guatemala

When I arrived to Guatemala, I thought that my nightmare was finished but it was not. Even though Guatemala is a beautiful country with humble people, there exists a few people who are determined to kill. A new shuddering episode …

Have you Found Yourself, You Who Hurry



Looks impatient

Only 13 and a half kilometers from there

Sits another girl

Whose working hours end in

half passed four

She finishes with the house cleaning

Places golden ladle in the red

stew pan

Checking the e-mail

What We Didn’t Know
From Us

Seth was a photographer who usually took pictures of abandoned places. Some people believe he was drunk. Some people believe it was a suicide. I believe he was taking a picture and lost track of time and had miscalculated the

Photography by Leonel Hernandez