Dias in Juárez

The X is located in La Plaza de la Mexicanidad in Chamizal, Ciudad Juárez, México. It’s popularly known as “La Equis” but its official name is, “El Monumento a la Mexicanidad.” The X is a bright red 197-ft. monument built …

Unfulfilled Promise: Ecuador

When I was sixteen years old I thought life was a piece of cake. I used to be romantic, unobtrusive and a daydreamer who believed a charming prince exists. I was in living in my own world. But one day,

The Hundred of Dogville

I’m afraid you’ve already learned too much That’s what you say.

You choose your words randomly (you don’t know me).

You are limited to the words “big” and


Remember how happy you were.

He, your friend, reminds you


One Way Ticket

A young man is sitting in the airplane watching the clouds move below him out from the small oval window on his left. Fresh cold air hits the window from the personal overhead ventilation valve. A talkative old

My Survival Journey: The Boat

I lived in Ecuador ever since I was born. Until my boyfriend asked me to travel to the United States with him. It was a big surprise because I never expected to travel to another country. “I have two tickets …