El Puente

Seen from Cermak Road, the Pennsylvania Railroad Bridge seems archaic, or perhaps apocalyptic, the remnant of a time that has long ceased to exist. It has on top of its large steel railing, directly at its center, what appears to

About This Issue

We’re proud to announce Coordenadas, a socially conscious, digital literary publication that prides itself in looking beyond the news headlines and clickbait. Published quarterly, Coordenadas presents its content in investigative stories, long-form features, personal essays, photography, poetry, and video.

Nunca se me hubiera ocurrido pensar que algún día iba mirar hacia atrás y descubriría que ya no pertenecía a ninguna parte. No sabía cuándo o en qué momento había ocurrido o si es que yo había hecho algo, pero
My Undocumented Life

My mother, sister and I were asleep one day when suddenly we heard someone pounding at our door. This was shortly after 9/11. A voice shouted, “Police, open the door!” My mom and I woke up frightened. We didn’t know …

Mysterious Water

People and their environment are in danger in a village called Goto located in the heart of a greenish forest. Several years ago, the inhabitants were picking off a chain of disasters. The Gotoleses used to interpret life through superstitions. …