My Last Turkish Coffee

It isn’t just coffee for me, Turkish coffee. It reminds me of a morning in my country, Syria. Five years ago, I sat in my garden under the olive tree beside the orange tree and the white rose bushes.

From Village to City

By: Ameline Magne 

Travel is a good thing for some of us. But the situations that you can be confronted with during your traveling may affect you mentally and physically. Yes, I have traveled. That happened three years in Cameroon,

El Puente

Seen from Cermak Road, the Pennsylvania Railroad Bridge seems archaic, or perhaps apocalyptic, the remnant of a time that has long ceased to exist. It has on top of its large steel railing, directly at its center, what appears to

My Undocumented Life

My mother, sister and I were asleep one day when suddenly we heard someone pounding at our door. This was shortly after 9/11. A voice shouted, “Police, open the door!” My mom and I woke up frightened. We didn’t know …

Mysterious Water

People and their environment are in danger in a village called Goto located in the heart of a greenish forest. Several years ago, the inhabitants were picking off a chain of disasters. The Gotoleses used to interpret life through superstitions. …