About This Issue

We’re proud to announce Coordenadas, a socially conscious, digital literary publication that prides itself in looking beyond the news headlines and clickbait. Published quarterly, Coordenadas presents its content in investigative stories, long-form features, personal essays, photography, poetry, and video. We are a publishing space for community voices, emerging writers, established authors, and journalists.

This inaugural issue focuses on the representation of structural and psychological borders as well as the environment. We delve into these themes with contributions from Gustavo Rueda, Mahmoud Saeed, Anita Nikodijevic, Daisy Carol, Karrar Alshaikhli, Magdalena Gonzalez, Cherif Fofana, Juan Carlos Hernández, Kenneth Gonzalez, Alma Campos, Leonel Hernández, Rosy Torres, and S du Bois.

A special thanks to our logo designer: Myriam Mercado.