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Coordenadas is a transnational magazine and growing community of artists devoted to creating literary work and visual arts often ignored by dominant culture.

Our mission is threefold.

  • We go beyond writing immigrant narratives: The dominant culture has for the past years focused on writing immigrant stories for profit. We want to celebrate the many facets of being human.
  • We engage people with writing workshops, editorial support, and allowing them to develop their own literary and visual works of art. We do this by cultivating relationships with immigrants and refugees from all over the world (West Africa, East Africa, the Middle East, Asia, South America, and Central America).
  • We develop investigative stories around issues affecting immigrants by working with our community of global immigrants and refugees, we identify and produce stories that can improve people’s lives.

Through our work, we create a space, share skills, and build a community of writers and visual artists who mainstream culture has disenfranchised and marginalised to the point of near invisibility.