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Since 2013, there has been no major commercial airline service out of the Gary/Chicago International Airport. ICE Air Operations continues flights.
The Gary/Chicago International Airport is home to the Army Aviation Support Facility supporting UH-60 Blackhawk operations of the Indiana Army National Guard and the Army National Guard Armory as well as the Midwest Regional Immigration and Customs Enforcement Center.
The airport is on the same site where the Cold War Army Nike anti-aircraft missile battery had been located.
62 Ice Air Operations took place in 2016. Each week Ice Air Operations conducts a flight from the Gary/Chicago International Airport to the Texas/Mexican border. From this airport in Gary, ICE has deported 12,509 people between August 2013 and June 2017.
Indiana has produced the most steel annually for 42 straight years. The British Petroleum refinery, located beside Lake Michigan, has the capacity to produces 400,000 barrels of oil per day and is the sixth largest refinery in the United States.
In Gary, Benjamin Franklin Elementary School had served 397 students at the time of its closure in 2008.


Leo Hernandez and S du Bois

Leonel Hernandez and S du Bois are co-founders and editors at Coordenadas