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Paranoid Alter Ego

Somebody’s eaten lips in somebody’s

even hungrier mouth, maybe

too much of packed cherry or

weed in one… mistake.


What do you do when you find the same one? YOU LOVE YOURSELF?

The inevitable love,

birth in a mirror.

somebody said “COFFEE”

somebody smelled like one.

What is your state of matter?

If I melt with the rain I will smell

like time.

Muses become the crazy ones.

it’s too late for widened irises

someone got hooked on art.

What is the artist’s only disease?

The mirror … the mirror?

The mirror:

Improved evolution in


Now we enter in the deep humanity

19 more pills and 20 Alises in the wonder land.

What is a placebo?

Maybe a stinking spinach?

It’s not the smell of the spoiled spinach

That’s the worst thing in the world. The worst one is a green empty room that smells like

spoiled spinach while someone’s wristwatch

is on the table, and you hate yourself because

you still have the unforgivable extra number

of knives..

I know a recipe for time speeding,

but that meal works out only when

I don’t want to cook it J

Green room and green time in

a green cucumber in an orange

room. 18 more pills and 19 Alises.

The knife is the placebo.

On the page of 38 you hold the knife, bite

the nails and steal the time from a green toothpaste.

Mimicry synonym?

The only contrast is the red pill.

The time is restored.

The clock stopped.

The pulsating of a mother’s blood stream and

the archetype of birth, replaced with…..


Anita Nikodijevic

Anita Nikodijevic was born in 1978 and raised in Zajecar, a small town in Serbia. Ever since she was little, she showed interest in writing as an escape which would later on in her adult life make her a published and well recognized Serbian author.