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Have you Found Yourself, You Who Hurry



Looks impatient

Only 13 and a half kilometers from there

Sits another girl

Whose working hours end in

half passed four

She finishes with the house cleaning

Places golden ladle in the red

stew pan

Checking the e-mail for the

last time

Sits in her black car

Drives fast

It’s 16:49 now

Highway traffic jam

Presses the siren

Sits on a window

By the speed of the passer-by’s steps

Determines the passed time

The rain is wetting her exposed facial parts

She looks at the clouds

it will be a bad weather until the end of the day

She thinks

Just a bit more of the destined

traffic lights

A bit more of passers

They will be in the nest soon

In a warm little fortress

In a favorite little box

In one and only free space…

Anita Nikodijevic

Anita Nikodijevic was born in 1978 and raised in Zajecar, a small town in Serbia. Ever since she was little, she showed interest in writing as an escape which would later on in her adult life make her a published and well recognized Serbian author.